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Reservations & Sailing Times


BOOKING: Use the calendar below to secure your reservation. You may also book by phone.
AGE: 18 years and up.
CREDIT CARDS: All major credit cards accepted.
TICKETS: $15 each + applicable taxes. We have your confirmation number and name.
FOOD:  Purchase off the A La Carte menu.
BOARDING: Begins 45 minutes prior to departure, doors close 5 minutes before leaving.
FERRY: Allow for delays.
TERMS: No refunds within 48 hours of departure. Full refund due to inclement weather.
PHONE: 877-844-4725/361-687-2223 or GM’s cell phone at 817-269-9796



Always call one day in advance to check sea conditions.

Select a cruise below, or call 877-844-4725 if you don’t see your desired date.  If you can’t book or have questions or concerns call me at 817-269-9796.