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Shootout Poker™

Mark Slotkin, the owner of the Jacks or Better Casino, has invented the first interactive table game. It revolves around Texas Hold ‘em. It’s called SHOOTOUT POKER™. Prior to now, there was not a single table game that allowed the players to play against each other and at the same time play against the house. This game has all the elements of a real Texas Hold ‘em poker game including strategy, raising, bluffing and the check raise. It has a two card and a seven card bonus bet which adds fun and big payouts. The game features a dealer button which rotates every hand so that each player gets his turn to be last to act.

The game was designed for the table player’s enjoyment. The player does not have to risk going all in as he does in a normal, no-limit Texas Hold ‘em game. The maximum bet is equal to the total of the Best Hand bets. Table stakes apply.

J.O.B. Casino has offered this game to its customers and it has been extremely well received. It has already been placed in several Las Vegas casinos and will make its industry debut at the 2011 G2E Convention in October. Let the revolution begin!

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